Former commander in Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade Abdul-Hakim Al-Mishiri was abducted in Tripoli on Sunday, 10 days after the abduction of a senior Libyan Fatwa House member.

Al-Mishiri laid down arms after 2011 revolution  and set up Ethar Charity to help the poor and people in need. His whereabouts are still unknown.

Opponents of Libya’s political agreement have become susceptible to abduction in Tripoli.

On Monday, an armed group stormed the house of GNC member Mohammed Margham, but he was lucky to escape. Margham appeared in a video on Friday alongside Khalifa Al-Gawiel and Awad Abdul-Sadiq inside the parliament building shortly after retaking it from the High Council of State.   

Earlier this month, an armed group abducted member of the Council of Researches and Islamic Sharia Studies of Libyan Fatwa House Nadir Al-Omrani who is also still missing.

In July, former Head of Foreign Media Department Jamal Zubia and 4 other political activists were abducted after taking part in anti-Skhirat agreement protests in Tripoli. Their fate is still unknown.