The UN Envoy to Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, has urged Libya's leaders to take the necessary steps to end the current stalemate and bring about lasting stability in the region through free, fair, and inclusive elections.

Bathily's remarks came during a meeting with Presidential Council Vice-President Moussa Al-Koni and other governmental officials from the Fezzan region to discuss the challenges facing the south and Libya in general.

"Free, fair, and inclusive elections will bring about legitimate and accountable institutions and pave the way for unity, peace, development, and prosperity for Fezzan and all regions and communities of motherland Libya," Bathily wrote on X.

The participants highlighted the challenges facing the southern region, including the decline of services and the situation in Murzuq, which has been "neglected by successive governments," as they stressed the importance of facilitating the return of Murzuq's displaced people to the town.

Discussions also revolved around the repercussions of the events taking place in neighbouring countries at the demographic and security levels.

They stressed the need to bring about spatial development in the south that contributes to its stability, with Fezzan receiving its fair share of the country’s wealth, akin to other regions.

Bathily acknowledged their demands and proposals to end "the marginalization of Fezzan" and expressed his commitment to finding a solution to the issues of concern to the south.