The Ambulance and Emergency Apparatus announced that eight children were injured in Ubari - southwestern Libya - as a result of an explosion likely to be caused by remnants of war.

The Apparatus explained, in a post on its Facebook page, that the eight children were playing football when the accident occurred, and they were transferred to Al-Ghariqa Hospital to receive initial treatment before being transferred to Sabha Medical Center.

Meanwhile, the Local Youth Council in the municipality of Ubari said that eight children were injured as a result of the explosion of projectiles in the Al-Sharab area, north of the city, due to the remnants of war.

The Director of Media at Ubari Hospital, Othman Al-Ansari, also announced that 8 people were injured, including 3 critical cases, as a result of the explosion of war remnants in the city, confirming that 7 cases were transferred to the Sabha Medical Center due to the lack of capabilities and neglect of healthcare support.

UNICEF called for increasing government and donor investments in raising awareness about the danger of explosives and clearing up remnants of war in Libya. It voiced concern over the tragic accident, noting that the eight children were receiving medical care in hospitals.

UNICEF said that it was able to educate 150,000 children and adults about the dangers of explosive ordnance during the past year, adding: “Children should be protected at all times. The continuing danger posed by explosive objects must be strongly addressed; once and for all.”