Fezzan Rage Movement protesters in southern Libya have closed Sharara oilfield - Libya's largest - demanding their requests be answered, citing a deliberate marginalization of the south by governments.

"We have decided to close the oilfield in Ubari until our demands are materialized. If not, we will close Al-Feel oilfield as well. Our demands are on the tables of Libyan governments." Representatives of the movement indicated.

The movement demands support for military and security apparatuses to secure residents' properties and to secure the southern region. It also calls for health sector support, health facilities' preparing services plus contracting new medics and purchasing new medical equipment.

The Rage protesters call also for opening Ubari gas steam plant, reopening all southern airports, bringing cash into southern banks and reopening the Central Bank in the south, in addition to other demands.

Fezzan Rage Movement has come into existence out of the recent deterioration of living and security conditions in the southern region, threatening to shut down oil production to force authorities to act.

National Oil Corporation's Chairman Mustafa Sanallah met last November with the mayor of Ghat in southern Libya and reviewed development projects, warning of the repercussions of shutting down oilfields.