ussian Deputy Representative to the United Nations,

Russia expressed its concern about what it described as "attempts by some Western countries to exploit the situation in Libya to achieve its geopolitical and economic purposes."

This came in a statement by the Russian Deputy Representative to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyansky, in a session of the UN Security Council, on Tuesday on Libya developments.

"Russia is aware of all the difficulties of this process, and it will do everything in its power to assist in the constructive interaction of all Libyan forces.” He said.

He indicated that the Libyan experience is the best evidence that “any separate initiatives, including those that assume the establishment of various formulas and round tables to assist the settlement without the participation of all influential international and regional players, and representatives of Libya itself, will not lead to the desired results.”

"Russia is ready to deal constructively with all concerned parties. At the same time, we have concerns about attempts by a number of Western countries to exploit the situation in Libya in order to achieve some of their geopolitical and economic purposes, including in the hydrocarbon resource market."

The Russian diplomat said that achieving progress in Libya depended on the joint efforts of all concerned parties in Libya, noting that holding elections would end the prolonged instability, and allow the restoration of sovereignty and stability of the Libyan territory.