The Russian embassy in Libya denied reports published by the British newspaper "The Daily Telegraph" about Moscow’s plan to direct illegal immigrants from Libya to Europe, describing the reports as "complete lies” and intelligence work.

The embassy added on its official Facebook page that this report was done by British intelligence to undermine Russian-Libyan relations and the efforts of the Libyan side to combat illegal immigration to Europe.

The embassy also indicated that these reports are nothing but a British attempt to cover up its policies of flooding Europe with immigrants and changing the demographic map of the European Union, according to the Russian embassy in Libya.

The Daily Telegraph published intelligence documents revealing Putin’s plan to flood the West with immigrants through Libya, saying that the Russian plan aimed to create a “border police force of 15,000 members,” which would include Wagner mercenaries who were based in Libya, to flood Europe with immigrants.

The newspaper added that this force would control the movements and routes of immigrants so that a specific region in Europe can be flooded with immigrants in order to influence public opinion at a crucial time to destabilize Europe. It indicated that Wagner mercenaries in Libya began transporting a large number of immigrants along the eastern borders of Russia, and that some of them came from Africa in cooperation with their agents in Libya, or in the rest of the African countries.

The Daily Telegraph pointed out that Wagner and Russia’s plans regarding immigrants were linked to its plans to establish military bases in several African countries, including Libya.