Russian ambassador

The Russian ambassador to Libya, Aydar Aganin, said that their embassy has returned to the Libyan capital with a full staff and some employees are on their way to Tripoli, explaining that they have been working in Tripoli since last September, reiterating in a Russia Today TV channel's interview that within a short period, the staff will be 100% complete.

Aganin denied the campaign that was raised about his person and his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the threat of his appointment, saying that all allegations that say he came to mobilize tribes and threaten energy transmission pipelines were baseless and "funny". 

The Russian ambassador pointed out that the clear differences of the various forces that emerged from the revolution are a natural thing, and that political life is in its origin a struggle between forces, but it must be peaceful. He added that "these Libyan forces are looking for solutions through agreements and committees mandated by House of Representatives and the High Council of State," and that everyone should look at them as a sign that "they are looking for solutions, and we must support these efforts to restore stability and unity to the country."

Aganin said that "there are many Libyan parties talking about holding elections in the coming months, saying that they hope so, but holding them this year is difficult." He added that Russia "does not work in Libya to conflict with anyone, pointing out that Westerners and Americans view work inside Libya as a conflict with Russia and it is related to their interests in Libya and that Western colonialism in Africa continues in various forms as they view Africa as a source of energy, oil and gas." 

Regarding Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi and Russian ties with him, Aganin said that Gaddafi and his group represented a force on the ground, and no one denied their political weight, but the most important thing was not to support the forces, but rather the elections and the decision that Libyans would see as the best. He stressed the need to allow all personalities to participate in elections. 

The Russian ambassador stressed that the historical relations between Libya and Russia must return to their previous size and develop, adding that they need stability and unity so that the situation is acceptable for the return of Russian or foreign companies. He pointed out that it is the duty of the embassy to remove such concerns and contribute to the return of companies and the exchange of delegations and experiences without waiting for the full stability of the country.