The Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR), Aqila Saleh and Parliament-backed PM Osama Hammad held talks with a Nigerien delegation in Benghazi.

The delegation included Nigerien Minister of State for Internal Security Mohamed Toumba, Foreign Minister Bakary Yawo Sangare, and the Military Council's Envoy to Libya, Ghali Oulimbo.

The meeting coincides with reports by the French intelligence website Africa Intelligence regarding Haftar's attempts to establish deeper ties with the Nigerien military with the blessing of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

 According to the publisher, this rapprochement between the two forces could lead to an unprecedented alliance along the desert border between Niger and Libya, which is frequently traversed by migrants attempting to reach Europe.

The website goes on to suggest that the formation of a political and security axis between Haftar and Niamey is imminent. Officials from the Nigerien military council have been meeting with their counterparts working under Haftar's command in recent weeks, indicating a potential alignment between the two.

The Sahel region and Libya, specifically Cyrenaica, are poised to become a tactical centre for Russian strategic expansion, according to the site.