Two deaths and six injuries were reported Monday by medical sources from Al-Harish hospital in Derna as clashes intensified between Derna Shura Council revolutionaries and IS/Daesh militants.

Social media activists reported sources from the Derna Shura Council saying that they had controlled vital positions and areas that were previously under the grip of IS/Daesh.

Eyewitnesses from Derna confirmed that rockets were shelled from Al-Fatayeh town to different areas in the east coast causing material damage to some of the houses starting from Monday dawn.

According to the eyewitnesses, the clashes continued till Monday evening using heavy and middle weapons in Al-Salat and 400 neighborhoods, eastern Derna.

Al-Fatayeh town and 400 neighborhood are the last IS/Daesh strongholds in Derna after they were forced to withdraw from the city in the wake of the armed clashes that erupted in June 2015 between them and Derna Shura Council.