The Salvation Government has strongly condemned all kinds of kidnap and torture by all armed groups regardless of the justifications they give.

In a statement last Thursday, the SG said that taking bad advantage of the current unstable conditions of the country and the state weak institutions as well as the inability of decisive decision making by the government would not last for good, as it would likely thrust the country into more wars, division, and bloodshed, stressing that those outlaws will receive punishment sooner or later.

“We warn of a repetition of the bloody Benghazi scenario in Tripoli, that is why we call on all Libyans to be moderate and reject extremism and radicalism.” The SG added

The SG concluded by saying that assessing and deciding on all Sharia disputes and ambiguities as well as the intellectual, rational questions related to Sharia are all for the Libyan Fatwa House.