The members of Sirte municipality have elected Mukhtar Al-Maadani as a mayor for the city on Monday in Tripoli.

The mayor-elect Al-Maadani told the press that the municipal members are in constant contacts with the military operations room in Sirte to set a date for the municipality to move from Tripoli to Sirte.

“The municipality will be busy providing services for the residents of Sirte and will avoid being involved in the political conflict that is going on in Libya.” Al-Maadani added.

The Minister of Local Governing at the UN-proposed government, Baddad Gansu, expressed dismay over the invitation of the eastern local governing ministry for Sirte municipal members urging them to elect a mayor in the eastern region under the supervision of Al-Thanni government.

 “The eastern local governing ministry is trying to twist facts and advocate for division by such attempts.” Gansu indicated.

Sirte was announced fully liberated from the radicals of IS last week after seven months of fierce clashes in the city and suburbs of Sirte. 

Mukhtar Al-Maadani is a supporter of Khalifa Haftar's Dignity Operation. Last April, he visited the eastern city of Almarj and received military vehicles and weapons for Sirte Police Department, established by Al-Thanni government.

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