Russian news agency Sputnik said Sunday that Libyan Army airstrikes on Al-Jufra airbase destroyed two Ukrainian cargo planes (Il-76) used by Khalifa Haftar's forces in their Tripoli offensive.

The airstrikes on the airbase also destroyed a number of planes and military equipment, Sputnik said.

Sputnik reported website - specialized in aviation - said the (Il-76) planes were for Alfa Air firm, which is based in Ukraine's capital Kiev.

The firm has five Il76 cargo planes that were produced between 1990 and 1992.

Libya's Air Force under the command of Presidential Council's government hit Friday Al-Jufra airbase and destroyed an ammunition depot, military cargo plane and drones for Haftar's forces.

The General Staff of the Libyan Army said Al-Jufra airbase has become a hub to gather mercenaries fighting for Haftar's forces in their war on Tripoli.