A training course on the protection of dignitaries and state institutions was inaugurated in Tripoli on Thursday.

Prime Minister Khalifa Al-Ghawiel stressed his cabinet's support to such courses urging all the revolutionaries to officially join the security and military institutions of the state in order to form a core for establishing special forces to protect the homeland security and vital institutions.

A number of participants in the course, sponsored by of the Ministry of Defence in the Salvation Government, showed their martial art skills to protect dignitaries and public facilities.

The Chief of State Institutions Protection Force Salim Ismael said the training course is the first of its kind with a number of 180 trainees from different Libyan regions are taking part.

He indicated that the trainees will receive during the three-month course practical and theoretical eexercises in free fighting under the supervision of highly qualified foreign and Arab trainers, noting that this course would be followed by consecutive courses in the field.