The floods triggered by Storm Daniel have damaged 70% of the civilian infrastructure in Libya's affected areas, the Roads and Bridges Authority said on Monday. 

The water system was also crushed, as 80% of the region's network became out of service, though the authority said they set up solutions to open alternative routes.

Meanwhile, the head of the road's authority emergency room, Hussein Suwaidan, said that 11 bridges have collapsed due to the torrential rains, including two bridges linking Derna to the cities of Sousse and Al-Qubba, six others inside Derna, and three bridges on the road extending between Shahat and Sousse.

The damage inflicted on the road network was also overwhelming, as 50% of the routes became impassable after the floods.

Suwaidan said the road authority has ramped up its efforts by sending two additional teams to the affected areas.