The Commander of Al-Hilah and Al-Fatayeh front lines in Derna, Muftah Hamza, confirmed Sunday that three IS militants were killed in Abugrein clashes last Friday, pointing out that they escaped from Al-Fatayeh front line in Derna after the defeat of the terrorist group last month.

Hamza told Press Solidarity Sunday that the three IS militants were identified as Derna residents, namely: Badir Al-Gaziri, Mohammed Al-Gaziri and Nidal Finoush, indicating that there are other three dead IS militants, who were also killed in Abugrein clashes but had not been identified, promising to identify them later.

It is worth mentioning that the IS militants, who retreated from Derna upon being defeated by Derna Shura Council revolutionary fighters in Al-Hilah front line and district 400, headed to Sirte to join their fellow militants.