Commanders of armed brigades in Libya's capital Tripoli have rejected the UN-imposed government and denounced the efforts being exerted by some parties to bring that government to the capital.

"We refuse efforts to give permission to the government to set foot in Tripoli without a consensus," the commanders said in a statement on Wednesday.

The leaders urged the international community not to favor one party over another and to help the Libyan parties to find a real accord government.

"We call the international community to help Libyan parties to set up a real accord government that does not represent any political side, and not to impose a government on them that does not meet the required consensus," The commanders said.

 They agreed to set up a joint operations room and a military force to reopen blocked roads, free oil ports and fields, and secure state institutions.

The joint force will be tasked with arresting criminals and those who undermine the capital's security and stability, the statement indicated.

The commanders also vowed to fight terrorism of all its forms and demanded an accurate definition to terrorism to do so, confirming that the Islamic Sharia law must be the main source of legislations and any legislation issued in violation of its provisions is null and void.

They also called the international community to stop regional and foreign interference in Libya's internal affairs.

In a warning tone, the commanders urged the governor of Central Bank of Libya to settle cash crisis in the country. CBL governor Siddiq Al-Kabir is believed to be behind the ongoing financial crisis in Libya to pave the way for the UN-imposed government to enter Tripoli.

Meanwhile, other armed brigades from the western region of Libya hinted Wednesday at their refusal of the UN-imposed government saying it's too early to recognize that government.

"Taking a stance toward the government of accord, which did not fulfil legitimacy requirements, is premature," The brigades said in a statement.

 Last week, leaders of Libya Revolutionaries Operations Room, a coalition of armed to the teeth brigades, said they are fully ready to fight the UN-imposed government if it approached Tripoli.