The north Tripoli court has cleared Al-Saadi Moamar Gaddafi of charges related to the murder of the former Al-Ittihad player and coach Bashir Al-Riyani.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General Office will challenge the ruling at the Supreme Court in Tripoli, while Al-Saadi remains in jail for other cases related to cracking down on February revolution in 2011.

Gaddafi's son was accused of murdering Al-Riyani, who was killed in 2005, after he criticized Al-Saadi publicly. Al-Riyani disappeared in March 2005, then his body was found on the beach in Tripoli nearby a resort owned by Al-Saadi.

Al-Riyani's son, Ali, commented on the ruling saying his family wasn't allowed to attend the ruling pronouncement on Tuesday, adding that it was not even videotaped as usual.

"We respect the court and believe it is transparent, thus we will challenge the ruling. I think it is shocking that Al-Saadi was found not guilty in my father's murder despite the fact that all fingers point at him." Ali added.