The Turkish Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that statements made by Greece and the European Union (EU) on Turkey's new hydrocarbons agreement with Libya have "no importance or value."

Turkish Foreign Ministry's spokesman Tanju Bilgic added in a statement, in the wake of remarks by Athens and the EU raising concerns about the deal with Libya, which was signed on Monday, that objecting to an agreement signed between the two states is not only against the international law but also contradictory to the basic principles of the UN, Anadolu Agency has reported.

Bilgic also called on the EU and its member states to not overstep their bounds or authority, and to respect sovereignty and equality of states in line with the international law and UN principles.

Bilgic accused Greece of trying to usurp the legitimate rights of Turkey and Libya by claiming licensed maritime areas, stressing that Greece's  attempt will not yield any results, calling on the member states of the EU not to act beyond their borders and authorizations, and to respect the sovereignty of states in accordance with international law and the principles of the UN.

The EU said Monday in a statement that the MoU signed by Libya and Turkey in 2019 violated sovereignty rights of third countries.