The Turkish embassy in Libya has identified the type of aid needed by the areas affected by the devastating earthquake that struck the country, saying in a statement that, based on developments in the earthquake zones, there is an urgent need for winter tents, blankets, electricity generators, heaters, sleeping bags, camping mats, and stretchers. It also thanked Libyans for sending aids to the people affected by the earthquake.

Meanwhile, the Libyan ambassador to Turkey, Mustafa Al-Kalib, spoke about the conditions of the Libyan community residing in the areas hit by the devastating earthquake in Turkey, confirming ok n a post by the Libyan embassy in Ankara the exit of 21 Libyans who were stuck in southern Turkey, indicating that 15 of them arrived in Istanbul, and others returned to Libya.

The Libyan ambassador added that four students left the region, three of whom arrived in Ankara, where they were given a place stay, while the fourth asked to leave for Libya. He also said that there were no injuries among Libyans, with the exception of a child who received treatment and left the hospital quickly, denying reports about the injury of a family in the earthquake.

The ambassador pointed out that the conditions of the Libyan community are good, indicating that there's no large Libyan community in the areas hit by the earthquake in Turkey, but only a number of students and businessmen. He said that the embassy has a team in the region to evacuate Libyans.

Al-Kalib confirmed the arrival of the Libyan team to provide assistance. It has 105 individuals, including 5 female doctors, stressing that the embassy continues to work to ensure the safety of all members of the community.