The Supreme Council of Energy (SCE) convened its 4th meeting on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah and with the participation of the Committee to Follow up on the Implementation of the Extraordinary Budget of the National Oil Corporation (NOC).

The session, which was held at the NOC HQ, discussed the corporation's plan to increase oil and gas production and reviewed ongoing projects in gas exploration, alternative energy, and fighting carbon emissions.

Dbeibah praised the efforts of the oil sector employees who are working "to revive the stalled projects through local competencies," including the development of the Mellitah complex and the Ras Lanuf complex, which has been suspended for years.

The meeting concluded with several observations, including the need to unite efforts with state-run oil institutions to increase oil and gas production, develop cooperation and partnership with international companies to transfer expertise and qualify local cadres, and enhance disclosure and transparency of all operational and catering expenses.

The group also stressed the need to activate the work of the International Audit Office contracted by the Audit Bureau to monitor expenditures at the NOC during the past years, according to the Hakomitna platform.