Turkish Presidency: MoU signed with Libya is still valid

Turkish Presidency: MoU signed with Libya is still valid

January 01, 2022 - 11:43
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The Spokesman for the Turkish Presidency Ibrahim Kalin says that the military and naval agreements signed with Libya are still valid.

Despite the objections of some parties inside Libya or some countries in the region to the two agreements, the Libyans have a clear position to continue working on the two agreements; And this is satisfactory for Turkey, the Turkish officials added.

He confirmed that Ankara would continue its support to the Libyan political process, and the elections are one of the steps and stages of this process.

"The conditions were not suitable for holding the elections, so the Libyans decided to postpone them by agreement among themselves," Kalin said, indicating that his government had submitted proposals in this regard.

He expressed his hope that the new political process would be announced soon, within a new timetable and a transparent roadmap without causing any tension or conflict.

The Turkish official emphasized that regardless of when the Libyans decide to go ahead with the elections and how to conduct them, Ankara will continue to stand by the Libyans as an active supporter and facilitator of the political process.