The UN Security Council will hold an open briefing session on Libya chaired by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on June 19. The UN envoy Abdoulaye Bathily will deliver the briefing as usual, Security Council Report website has reported. 

The website said during a week-long meeting in Bouznika, Morocco, the 6+6 committee announced that it had reached agreement on holding simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections, and that progress had been made on a number of outstanding issues related to the distribution of parliamentary seats, the inclusion of political parties, the representation of women, procedures for appealing electoral results, and the use of media for campaign purposes. 

"The committee also called for the formation of a unified provisional government to “pave the way” for elections by the end of the year—an initiative that has reportedly been the topic of ongoing back-channel communications between representatives of Dbeibah and General Khalifa Haftar, who leads the self-styled Libyan National Army aligned with the HoR." The website explained.

It added that the UN and some Council members have previously expressed skepticism at the establishment of another interim government, however, concerned that it may distract from what they view as the primary task of holding elections. 

"The progress recently reported by the 6+6 committee is a potentially positive development in this regard, although its significance depends on implementation, and independent analysts have argued that some Libyan political actors have incentives to maintain the status quo." The website added.

It said that at the June briefing, Council members are likely to reiterate their expectation that all parties display the political will to meet their stated commitments through concrete action, noting that both the UN and the legislatures have set June as the deadline to finalize electoral legislation to hold elections by the end of the year.