Libya's Ambassador to the United Nations, Taher El Sonni, urged on Tuesday for Libya to be released from the constraints of "Chapter VII" of the UN Charter, expressing dismay at the UN Security Council's inaction regarding the ongoing genocide in the Gaza Strip.

In a briefing before the Security Council on Libya, El Sonni raised the question, "Is Israel also being subjected to Chapter VII?"

The ambassador drew attention to the fact that it has been 13 years since Libya was placed under Chapter VII and questioned the Council's course of action. He asked for a resolution to the division and the cessation of direct and indirect interventions in Libya, which have escalated the situation in the country.

During the session, El Sonni expressed his belief that the UNSC session would not produce anything new "except for recurring statements and declarations." He further noted that the Security Council has done nothing to prevent arms smuggling in Libya or to identify the perpetrators responsible for such activities.

The ambassador also highlighted the need for the Security Council to provide more attention to the genocide in Palestine, stating that some members of the Council lecture others on the principles of democracy while ignoring the atrocities being committed in the Gaza Strip.

In conclusion, El-Sonni suggested, "Perhaps it's time to restore Libya's dignity and remove it from Chapter VII."