The Libyan Foreign Ministry expressed its dissatisfaction with the failure of the UN Security Council to approve the draft resolution accepting the State of Palestine as a full member of the United Nations.

In a statement on Friday, the Foreign Ministry called on the countries that rejected or abstained from voting in favor of the resolution to side with humanitarian values and principles of international law and to adhere to the provisions of the United Nations Charter, which grants full membership to countries committed to its provisions.

The Ministry also renewed Libya's firm commitment to supporting the Palestinian Cause and finding a comprehensive and just political solution to it in a way that achieves peace and stability for the region and stops the racist practices of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinians.

The Libyan ambassador to the UN, Taher El Sonni, confirmed in his speech before the Security Council that Palestine had fulfilled all the conditions stipulated in the “Montevideo Convention” 1933 regarding the rights and duties of states. He described the speech of the Israeli occupation delegate to the Security Council that is related to accusing him and the member states of supporting terrorism as “clownish”.

El Sonni expressed his astonishment at the contradiction adopted by the UN Security Council regarding granting full membership to Palestine, saying: the Council emphasizes the importance of reviving peace based on the so-called two-state solution and obstructs membership on the other hand, stressing Libya’s position that the Palestinian state should have its full right. He refused to call the Palestinian resistance terrorism, at a time when the international community remains silent about the terrorism practiced by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people.