The United Nations (UN) envoy to Libya Abdoulaye Bathily held a number of meetings on Tuesday with the ambassadors of France, Germany, Egypt, the Netherlands, and Tunisia, dealing with developments in the political situation in Libya, and renewed his invitation to Libyan leaders to sit for dialogue.

Bathily said on X platform on Tuesday that he had exchanged views with Ambassador Mostafa Mihraje of France and discussed the political, economic and security situation, saying he had urged all Libyan leaders to rise to the challenge of engaging in dialogue to advert the many risks facing their motherland. He said they renewed their shared commitment to all axes of the peace process, including the security track.

"I also reviewed with Ambassador Michael Ohnmacht of Germany the political, security & economic situation in Libya. We renewed our call on Libyan leaders to join the dialogue process to end the crisis, hold elections, and give peace, stability and prosperity in Libya a chance." Bathily said. 

He also indicated that he had consulted with Ambassador Al-Asaad Al-Ajili of Tunisia and reviewed the current situation in Libya, as well as UNSMIL response to current challenges. He said he had welcomed Tunisia’s support for UNSMIL efforts and renewed their call for a political settlement to overcome the crisis.

He also met with Ambassador Joost Klarenbeek of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and reviewed the current situation in the country and agreed to call on Libyan leaders to commit to a settlement to put an end to the crisis by agreeing to sit around the negotiations table.

"Ambassador Tamer Mostafa of Egypt. We reviewed current political, security & economic developments in Libya. I stressed the need for all regional and international partners to engage positively for a political settlement paving the way for elections." He added.