The United Nations envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, said there are 10 countries intervening in Libya, adding that he is working with the UN Secretary General to take the necessary measures to stop such interventions.

Speaking to Al-Jazeera TV on Wednesday, Salame said there are foreign countries supplying arms to different Libyan parties despite the UN arms embargo on the country.

"We have done so much progress in the political process in Libya such as joint meetings for House of Representatives and High Council of State and the ceasefire agreement in Tripoli as well as economic reforms' package, ending troubles at the oil crescent in June 2018 and recently resuming oil production at Sharara oilfield." Salame said.

Conflict for money not ideology

Salame also indicated that Gaddafi's regime left Libyans' hands busy with over 10 million arms' pieces.

"The fighting in Libya is no in any way similar to other Arab countries, it is a conflict for resources and wealth not for ideologies and even at the UN Security Council, there isn't a significant division among shot callers as there is regarding Syria, for instance." He remarked.

He rejected the accusations against the UNSMIL and himself about their role in Libya, saying the UNSMIL has been working tirelessly and effectively, referring to achieving peace through a ceasefire in Tripoli.

"What I represent is my own convictions which urge for building a democratic civilian state in Libya and I will never betray my own convictions. I didn't come to Libya to make deals, I came to help Libyans build their future state." Salame added.

Corruption among Libya's politicians

He explained that the political leaderships and elites in Libya are against any democratic progress as they keep benefiting from the chaos and keep stealing the resources and wealth of the country.

"In Libya, everyday there is a new millionaire and the middles class shrinks more and more day in and day out." Salame further explained.

"The Political leaders in Libya are corrupted beyond expression. They are using their posts to take money and invest for their own benefits abroad." Salame remarked.

He indicated that what makes things worse is that those corrupted politicians are stealing Libya's money and investing it overseas not in their country.

"IT's time those clinging to their posts have gone away from the scene and other come to build the future state of Libya." He added.