UN envoy tells pro-Haftar TV channel "military operations won't resolve Libya's crisis"

UN envoy tells pro-Haftar TV channel "military operations won't resolve Libya's crisis"

February 24, 2019 - 19:52
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad


The Head of the UNSMIL Ghassan Salame said military operations are not a solution for the Libyan crisis, but rather the solution is the building of a sovereign state based on legitimacy that comes from the constitution and elections and inclusive of all parties.

Speaking to pro-Khalifa Haftar Al-Hadath TV Channel, Salame said the UNSMIL is with any operation that aims to fight terrorism, but is against any operation that violates the rights of Libyans, especially in the south.

"The international community is only with the political settlement among all parties. When I talked at the UN Security Council about the Libyan crisis, especially with the US, Russian and German officials, I sensed their support for Libya - the US in particular." Salame added.

He also said that the international community vowed to support his action plan in the latest Munich Security Conference, adding that they wish to have the plan implemented by Libyans themselves.

"My position on Libyan elections has been retreating due to the obstacles such as the funding of the electoral commission which has moved to the new building give just days ago, let one the lack of an elections law. Libyans are hindering their country's elections as some political parties are benefiting from the challenges facing elections. I have told the UN Security Council all this information." Salame explained.

He also told the channel that countries usually resort to the Supreme Court to resolve deadlocks, saying he is sorry that Libya is the first emerging Arab country that has no judiciary.

"A historical settlement is needed to bring all Libyan parties together." He remarked, adding that the UNSMIL is going to select a location for the National Conference to pave the way for elections.

Meanwhile, Salame also talked about the recent clashes of Tripoli, saying when he threatened to name those who attacked Mitiga airport, the parties whose names would be publicized decided to commit to the truce and thus he didn't name them.