Unauthorized members from the GNC and Tobruk Parliament signed in the Moroccan city of Skhirat on Thursday the UNSMIL-brokered agreement to form a government of national concord.

It was signed by HoR member Emhimmed Shoaib and GNC Second Deputy President Saleh Al-Makhzoum, who resigned from the GNC dialogue team in August. Faiyz Sirraj was named as the prime minister for the government.

The agreement was inked without a consensus from both parliaments, which could plunge the country into more chaos and division, while several armed factions vowed their total rejection to the agreement.

GNC member Abdul-Gader Hawaili told Press Solidarity after the signing ceremony that Al-Makhzoum represents himself only, adding that a parliamentary inquiry could be set up to withdraw his membership.

Head of GNC dialogue team Awad Abdul-Sadiq described the signing ceremony as drama saying the GNC will not recognize what he called the trusteeship government.  

Federalist Zyad Daghaim, a Tobruk parliament member, also rejected Sirraj government, describing it as a government of colonialism.

Both parliaments' speakers have already put a parallel dialogue on track. The President of the General National Congress, Nuri Abu Sahmain, and his counterpart from the House of the Representatives Aqilah Saleh met in the Maltese Capital Valetta on Tuesday in an attempt to bring the Libyan political crisis to an end.

They agreed to form joint committees to narrow their differences over a government of national unity and the political transition.

They also confirmed that Skhirat dialogue and the unity government resulting from it would not be recognized.