The spokesman for the UNSMIL, Jean Alam, denied Wednesday that the UN Secretary General’s Advisor on Libya, Stephanie Williams, had met with a representative of a mercenaries firm during the farmer's visit to Moscow.

Alam told Fawasel news platform that Williams' tasks don't include holding such meetings with people who aren't state officials, adding that she would not be permitted, let alone interested in meeting someone running a mercenary group.

"Taking photos at the lobby of the hotel where the advisor was in such a manner was aimed at publishing fake news and would be considered another desperate attempt to derail the advisor's efforts, let alone detailing peace efforts and hindering the fulfillment of Libyans' desired sovereignty that is void of any foreign forces' presence." He said.

He added that Williams announces all of her activities on Twitter and UNSMIL social media as she is working in daylight not in the dark to bring together all Libyans to achieve stability and security.