The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) said Friday it had documented at least 58 attacks on health workers and health facilities so far in 2019 in Libya.

UNSMIL also strongly condemned attacks on all civilian targets including health facilities and medical personnel in the country.

"UNSMIL categorically denies rumors that it has received coordinates for field hospitals and field clinics operating south of Tripoli and passed them on to one of the parties to the conflict." The statement reads.

UNSMIL reiterated that it had not received any coordinates for field hospitals and field clinics and has not provided such information to any party to the conflict.

"The UN stresses that attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure violate international humanitarian and human rights law and may constitute war crimes." UNSMIL explained.

The principles of distinction, proportionality and precautions must at all times be fully respected in accordance with international human rights and humanitarian law, it added.

Two airstrikes hit Thursday a field hospital in Wadi Rabea and an ambulance in Salah Al-Deen in southern Tripoli, killing a paramedic and injuring another.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Libyan Anti-terrorism Force Colonel Abdelbasit Teeka said that the area's coordinates - where field hospitals are - and positions' details were given to the UNSMIL to avoid them any airstrikes and shelling, yet the airstrikes and shelling was doubled this week.

Teeka held the UNSMIL accountable for the attacks on the field hospitals on frontlines and accused it of being an accomplice to Khalifa Haftar by providing him with the positions of field hospitals of the frontlines.