The US ambassador to Libya Richard Norland said in a meeting with the Chairman of National Oil Corporation (NOC) Mustafa Sanallah on Wednesday that the attack on the Tripoli port prevent the arrival of fuel for civilian use and thus aggravate the suffering of Libyans.

Norland also said that he had told Khalifa Haftar in Al-Rajma on Tuesday that it was necessary that the oil blockade came to an end and that no attacks would target NOC staffers and facilities.

He called on all parties to commit to the 5+5 talks in Geneva and urged for speeding up the resumption of those talks to reach the long-awaited ceasefire and to see the withdrawal of foreign mercenaries from Libya.

"The US is watching closely the humanitarian ramifications of the conflict, especially the lack of fuel and the outage of Electricity in Benghazi and the rest of Libya." The ambassador said in a statement posted by the embassy on Facebook.

The embassy added that unilateral and provocative military operations against civilian infrastructure, violations of arms embargo by foreign parties that go against the aspirations of the Libyan people for a better future.

On Tuesday, Haftar's forces struck Tripoli port with several rockets, killing three people and injuring five others, besides forcing fuel and liquefied gas tankers to leave the port without offloading the shipments.