The desalinization station in Tobruk has declared that the station is to be temporarily suspended because of the depletion of stock and the failure to provide it with the heavy oil required to operate it. 

Manager of the Tobruk desalinization station, Walid Libede said that they were being supplied with the quantities required from Brega explaining that what was consumed at the desalinization station was minor in comparison with what Berqa was selling and exporting. 

In a post on the Facebook page of the station, Libede held Brega Company responsible for stopping the city ' s desalination plant, the city’s only source of drinking water, the resulting damage to equipment and machinery, and the possible losses to the Austrian company responsible for the implementation of the fourth evaporation project. 

He said all relevant authorities were officially notified 10 days earlier; to avert the station’s halt in the absence of overhauls and lack of resources, as he described it.

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