The World Bank's (WB) resident representative in Libya, Henriette Kalendar, has delivered a copy of the damage assessment report from Storm Daniel to Khaled Al-Mabrouk, the Governor of Libya for the World Bank Group, who also serves as Minister of Finance in Dbeibah's government (GNU). 

The report was created by a group of WB experts in partnership with the United Nations Support Mission and the European Union Mission in Libya. 

Minister Al-Mabrouk discussed with Kalendar various important topics related to collaboration between the WB Group and the Ministry of Finance. 

Earlier, Minister of Local Governance Badr al-Din Al-Toumi expressed doubts about the accuracy of the figures in the World Bank report, citing inaccuracies. 

Following the report's release, Al-Toumi accused WB representatives of procrastination and evasion regarding disclosing damage assessments to Libyan institutions, stating that "no local party has seen the numbers that deviate from the truth." 

According to Al-Toumi, the report included educational facilities that had already been repaired, specifically 98 facilities out of 117 that were partially or completely damaged.