By Abdullah Alkabir, Libyan political writer and commentator

In less than two years, all the country's crises, all the suffering, and all the misfortunes that caused people to lose their minds and turned their days into a long, endless nights, will end and become nothing more than harsh memories, remembered by the citizen accompanied by a prayer: What dark days they were!... May God not bring them back.

After God granted them success and guided them to the righteous path, members of the House of Representatives (HoR) were guided to enact a law criminalizing witchcraft, and to approve deterrent penalties for witchcrafts and sorcerers, so that this law would be the first essential step towards ending the conflict over election laws, restoring justice, eliminating corruption, and returning Libya to classification lists in terms of quality of education, to occupy the highest positions with similar standards as that of Singapore, Malaysia, and Korea, the elimination of inflation, the decline in prices of goods and services, the unification of state institutions, the return of harmony and cohesion between the legislative authority and the executive authority, the restoration of the Libyan dinar’s prestige and its strength in the face of all currencies, and the solution of the dilemma of sovereign positions, the withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign forces from all Libyan military bases, and the punishment of criminals who ignited the flames of war among Libyans and dug mass graves for them, and other issues and dilemmas.

All streets and squares should rather now celebrate, set off fireworks, and the government announce the granting of three days off to all employees and workers, except for those whose nature of their jobs require work even on holidays, such as hospitals, civil defense, police, and airports. A decree must be issued by the Presidential Council adding the day of the law’s adoption (January 9th) as an immortal national day, what comes after the 9th  of January will be a huge historical transformation, which generations will remember with great pride, and the representatives who voted to adopt the law will be immortalized with models in the wax museum (madame tussauds).

The bankrupt remnants of secularists and socialists will direct their criticism of the law, as is their habit, to trivialize every approach that serves the people, by challenging its validity and belittling its importance. They will claim that reducing the influence of magic on people is achieved automatically by improving people’s economic conditions. According to scientific studies, divorce cases will decrease by no less than 52% if families are able to secure an income that meets their needs, and social tension will decrease by achieving the maximum degree of social justice and reducing the prevailing disparities today, between the rich and the low-income people, hatred between members of society will be reduced, and developing society culturally is the most effective weapon in confronting all negative phenomena.

A lot of nonsense and strange ideas will be launched by those who philosophize, and they try to question, as usual, everything that does not agree with their ideas and trends.

One of the incidental and probable results of the anti-witchcraft law is that Salafism of obedience to the ruler, will be devoted to meetings and lectures to spread the great benefits of obedience to the ruler, no matter how much he has delved into the blood of the people, plundered their money, destroyed their present and future, submitted to their enemy, no matter how many violations and crimes he committed, and to shun away from demonstrations, protests, sit-ins, and other heresies, as the pursuit of the remains of cans and envelopes in cemeteries across the country, consumed much of their time.

What is now required of specialists, in reference to the law, is to lay down the foundations for interpreting the articles of the law, which is not an easy requirement, because there is an ambiguity that needs to be clarified, and there are many questions awaiting answers. The witchcrafts seek help from the jinn to fulfill their needs, and then the jinn becomes a partner in this dark work. So, what is the way to bring any accused jinn to face justice? The same situation applies if a jinn is summoned to testify in a case; Is there a way to do that? How can its honesty be verified if justice is able to bring it to testify? Who can prove that a certain citizen was targeted by witchcraft, and that the signs of his going in lapses or insane are symptoms of this witchcraft, and not because of a love relationship that ended in failure, or because of expired Tramadol?


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Libya Observer