By Grand Mufti, Sheikh Al-Sadeq Al-Gharyani 

Hardly a day passes, since the UNSMIL started trying to find a consensus among the Libyans, without a high-ranking official coming out with statements after statements, whether from neighboring countries – whose efforts and hospitality we appreciate or those concerned with the Libyan issue from major countries in the West and the East. 

Those statements coincide with the UN envoy, Martin Kobler’s continuous travels to the extent that the observer might believe that those countries were even more careful on security and stability in Libya than the Libyans themselves!

Some of the elite figures have probably done well with the efforts of the ex- UNSMIL envoy throughout his meetings for more than a year, when finally his drafts ended in a scandal because of which he himself acknowledged that his accord drafts were dictated by some influential figures from the UAE government and some Libyan figures, whom he named. Worse yet, he even declared that those figures were eager to cause division in Libya and eliminate some parties from power.

Consequently, what was written in the drafts were merely paid dictations, unfair and greatly harmful to the future of Libya and its security, yet more importantly, it constitutes a substantial justification for all elites and wise men to seek peace in other sources than those drafts.

However, the surprise, which was not taken into account and difficult to accept comes in two parts:

First, that the elite who were excusing themselves to trust the ex-UN envoy, and that his draft contained the balance acceptable for all parties, but unfortunately, it did not accommodate the intrigue. They even met in Tunisia to support those drafts even after the crafter, Leon; himself admitted that his drafts were paid dictations! 

Those same elites rejected a dialogue adopted by the will of the Libyans from various cities, and called in the meetings held in Misrata and Gharyan to establish a Libyan dialogue without a trusteeship from any foreign country. In consequence of these meetings, the vying parties, the GNC and the HoR, met face to face and signed a declaration of principles for resolving the conflict, so in a few days they achieved what the UN envoy failed to do in more than a year! 

Secondly, to our surprises, all of the high rank statements, from the major powers and neighboring countries, had put their credibility at stake. The international forces intervened and prevented the meeting between the GNC and HoR Presidents, who constitute the basis of division.

When the will of the GNC and HOR aimed at reconciliation to form a concord government to end the conflict for power at the lowest cost, yesterday came the shock! The meeting was prevented, in order to impede any agreement in Libya without foreign dictation!

What harm would it do to the international community if the leaders of the Libyan conflict had met?

What prevents the neighboring countries from hosting and blessing this meeting rather than responding to the pressures by ignoring the meeting and turning their back on it!

Was it not their and the International Community’s ultimate wish in Skhirat, Morocco, to have the GNC and the HoR meet in concord?

To the international community and our neighboring countries I say, here are the GNC and HoR, they are determined to agree and their delegations arrived yesterday to meet in Malta, why could not they meet and what happened?

Were the efforts exerted in Rome Conference aiming at anything rather than to bring the rivals into concord? Here they are gathering, so why that contradiction then?

Those who are keen on giving advice know that trials and scrutiny are i well established religious traditions. 

Allah says in the Koran: (We shall test you until we know the Mujahideen of you and the patient and test your news).

Those traumatized in Allah and kept patient, those who feel alienation and estrangement because of saying the right and kept coherent, and those who are harmed by mischief and pain and got more faithful have got their essence become purer and their feet firmer on the road. Morover, their reward from Allah will be doubled and their status more elevated among people and in the memory of the nation, they will become remembered more frequently.

They have a good example in the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, who said, (if You, Allah, is not angry with me, I do not care about anything else).

I advise those who gloat over what happened in Malta meeting not to rejoice because it did not get out of the beneficial context of the righteous people, and every sincere and jealous person in Libya or abroad should support the right after it has manifested on the surface.

The weapon remaining to the people of Libya to use in the face of intrigues and machinations, after resorting to Allah, is going out in all towns and squares in mass demonstrations to support the people of the right. 

Our homeland is becoming subject to treachery and there is no excuse for falling short at going out today before tomorrow in order to increase the mass of people of the right.
Allah says in the Koran: (O ye who believe, fear Allah and be with the truthful”. “Faint not nor grieve, you also incline if you are believers).


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Libya Observer