Libyan national football team kicked off on Saturday its training camp in Turkey, which will last for 20 days as it prepares to play Cape Verde team in Cairo, Egypt within the second round of the sixth group of Africa Cup of Nations (CAN), Gabon 2017. 

The Spanish coach, Javier Clemente, has called in for the camp the following players:

Goalkeepers: Mohammed Nashnoush, Khaled Al-Wirfalli, Hmaza Al-Burji.

Defense: Ali Salama, Ahmed Al-Sagheer, Ahmed Al-Turbi, Osama Ishtaiba, Talal Farhat, Al-Motasim Sabbu, Rabei Allafi, Al-Sadeq Al-Fitouri.

Center: Mohammed Al-shibli, Al-Motasim Al-Musrati, Mansour Al-Burki, Ayoub Hamdi, Muain Khammah, Mohammed Al-Tabbal, Hamdo Al-Masri, Moayad Allafi, Moayad Al-Gritli, Ahmad Ben Ali. 

Attack: Mohammed Al-Ghnoudi, Rowayd Ben Hamid, Akram Al-Zway, Mohammed Ayad.

During the camp,the Libyan squad is to play Tanzania counterpart in a friendly match on August 29, a day before it leaves to Egypt to resume preparations for the important match against Cape Verde, September 06 in the first leg of the second round qualifying matches of CAN, Gabon 2017.