The National Council for Economic and Social Development announced launching of the economic indicators platform within the framework of digital transformation.

The Director of the National Planning Council, Mahmoud Al-Futaisi, said that the Council worked over the past months to prepare a preliminary model for a digital indicators platform whose main purpose is to unify information in a high-level database.

Al-Futaisi indicated that this information will be taken from official sources: government institutions or international institutions that are accredited in this economic field.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Economic Development Department said that the information that will be published on the platform will be updated periodically, as it will be presented in the form of statistics and graphic forms.

According to the Council, the platform in its first version will contain a set of macroeconomic indicators, and then it will gradually be operated in cooperation with the approved official and international government agencies to launch the version that contains social and governance indicators.

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