Staff of the General Union for Air Transport (GUAT), the Libyan Company for Ground Handling and the Libyan Company for Air Catering are to go on a strike in Mitiga Airport in Tripoli plus other civil airports starting from May 25 until their demands are met.

The GUAT said in a statement yesterday that it has been discussing the payment of the employees’ salaries with the related institutions, who have not answered those rights yet, which obliges the union to call for a partial strike suspending all services in those airports according to a certain schedule.

“On Monday, May 25, the strike starts 6am and finishes 12pm, while on Tuesday, May 26 it starts 6am and ends 6pm and from 6am to 11:45pm on Wednesday, May 27,” the GUAT indicated, adding that the employees will go on a full-time strike afterwards until their rights are met.