The Gaberoun Lake is an inspiring natural art formed deep in the Libyan Desert, which managed to survive the Great Sahara's harsh conditions and sand effects throughout the age.

The lake stands as a precious blue diamond amid the golden dunes, with palm trees on one side and on the ruins of the old village on the other.

Its unique features made it one of the rarest lakes in the world; the gaseous water and the high salt content that levels to nearly five times more saline to seawater enables swimmers to float easily, without any effort, even when throwing in tons of iron, the metal remains floating on the surface.

 It is also deemed for some as a destination for medical treatment, but amazingly beside the lake you can dig up by hand, some cool fresh water, which explains the growing palm trees on its side. All that and more, makes of it a top tourist attraction in Libya.

The lake is about 7.5 meters deep, oddly cooler on the surface than it is in a metre and half below, where it becomes significantly hotter as water depth increases.

The visit to Gaberoun oasis is one of the greatest things one could plan for. It is best enjoyed in October. you can start off from Tkrkiba village, which is the nearest residential point of the lake, or you can take off from Ubari town, all starting points include equipped cars and professional drivers who will ride you through a sea of sand, ups, and downs on the dunes that may reach the height of ten meters and more, and then after a thirty to forty kilometre drive you will find yourself over a high sand dune with the gorgeous view of the lake.