The second season of the Libyan drama series Al-Saraya has won the award for the best Arab historical art work, at the Arab States Broadcasting Union Festival, which was held in Tunisia, Thursday.

This is the second time in a row that this series has won the same award, as Al-Saraya S1 won the award for the previous edition of the festival, which was held in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Saraya series, all filmed in Tunisia, is written by Siraj Huwaidi, directed by Osama Rizk, and it is produced by Walid Al-Lafi - Minister of State for Communication and Political Affairs of the Government of National Unity. 

The cast included Ali Al-Shoul, Abdel Basset Abu Kanda, Lubna Abdel-Hamid, Hassan Qarfal, Anwar Al-Tir, Basma Al-Atrash, and other actors and actresses from some Arab countries.

Al-Saraya tells the ancient history of Tripoli during the rule of the Al-Qaramanli family; the great conflict that took place between Libya and the United States, and the four-year war that took place between 1801 and 1805. It also tells the story of the struggle that occurred between the sons of Youssef Pasha Al-Qaramanli over the rule of Tripoli.