Libya's Archeology Authority in Tripoli organized a celebration Saturday for the end of the first phase of renovating the archaeological site of Villa Selene of Leptis Magna in cooperation with Roma Tre University.

The Head of the Libyan Archeology Authority, Mohammed Al-Shakshoki was present along with experts and officials from Libya in the presence of the Italian ambassador, Giuseppe Perrone and the Chairman of Roma Tre University.

"We hail the efforts exerted in this site so the Libyan heritage can be celebrated by the coming generations. The next stage of renovation will start immediately and will include Tripoli Old City." Perrone explained.

Perrone held last week a meeting with the Head of the UNSMIL Ghassan Salame and both of them announced cooperation in renovation works at the Tripoli Old City.

The Libyan Prime Minister's secretary, Al-Taher Al-Amer, hailed the Italian assistance, reaffirming his government's support for the efforts aimed at persevering Libya's archaeological heritage.

Villa Selene is in Selene town in Al-Khums city. It is a Roman-era-built resort that has got rooms with a vast backyard overlooking the sea.

Italian-Libyan renovation works started in May.