A meeting between Khaled Shakshak, the Head of the Audit Bureau, and Farhat Bengdara, Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), on Thursday discussed the challenges facing the NOC in the distribution of fuel to stations.

Shakshak underscored the need for the swift installation of fuel tracking systems to reduce smuggling operations and focus on developing production.

The meeting addressed the challenges facing fuel distribution amidst increased smuggling activities and the high cost of energy production.

They also discussed measures to stabilize oil and gas production and strategies to reduce carbon emissions from gas production, including using these emissions to generate electricity.

Among the debated issues was the corporation’s plan to raise production and enhance investment with strategic partners, including the Libyan Investment Corporation.

For his part, Bengadara expressed his keenness to take into account the observations of the Audit Bureau, appreciating its role in improving the Corporation's internal work.

On Wednesday, Brega Company reviewed an electronic system project aimed at ensuring fuel access to beneficiaries.

In the presence of the Audit Bureau head, the company discussed the potential benefits of the system, which would enable the relevant authorities to track, control, and monitor the distribution of fuel to stations.