The Ministry of Economy and Trade of the Government of National Unity said that a number of Egyptian companies expressed their interest in establishing factories in fishing industry, and in desalination of water and treatment of petroleum water. These remarks came during a meeting with Minister Mohammed Al-Huweij at the Libyan Embassy in Cairo.

The embassy added in a statement on Friday that companies' officials also confirmed interest in establishing factories inside Libya in the field of furniture, cotton clothing, contracting, and environment-friendly organic agricultural pesticides.

Al-Hawaij chaired the meeting held at the Libyan embassy in Cairo with major Egyptian companies in various fields and commercial, industrial, agricultural and service activities interested in the Libyan market, in the presence of the Libyan Chargé d’Affairs, Mohammed Abdel Ali, and other officials.

The statement cited the minister as praising the Egyptian companies that participated in the food exhibition last January, calling on them to also participate in the 50th edition of the Tripoli International Fair next May.

"This meeting is an important step to encourage Egyptian companies to enter the Libyan market by establishing factories within the territory of the Libyan state, to achieve economic partnership according to the available opportunities.” He said.

He stressed that Libya has capabilities and a location that are the basis for launching into the African depth, which requires the establishment of a long-term Libyan-Egyptian partnership that serves the interests of the two countries and achieves economic integration.

The meeting was attended by some officials from companies already present within the business sector in Libya, and they confirmed the stability of the security situation in various Libyan regions, which encourages the expansion of their field of activities, and encourages others to enter the Libyan market, which is considered profitable, according to a statement by the Ministry of Economy and Trade.