Supreme Financial Committee

Four members of the High Financial Committee denied their participation in drafting the latest statement announced by the Presidential Council regarding the adoption of the basic system for the work of the Committee and the start of coordination with ministries to standardize spending schedules and disbursement of budget chapters "one and two."

The four members: Fakher Bufarnah, Abdullah Al-Obeidi, Ahmed Al-Mortada, and Hatem Al-Oreibi, said that their opinion was not taken on what was stated in the statement, stressing that the Committee did not agree nor did it resolve a clear mechanism for action. They added that that what had taken place so far was just discussions, gathering information and registering the gaps in expenditures. 

The members pointed out that the statement issued in the name of the High Financial Committee on August 30 was not known to them and that what came in the statement was only expressing the opinion of the one who issued it.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, Marie Al-Barasi, announced his resignation from the membership of the High Financial Committee, considering that it was formed in violation of the laws and legislation in force in the Libyan state, and in violation of the political agreement signed in Moroccan Skhirat town; according to a letter of resignation addressed to the chairman of the Committee - Head of Presidential Council - Mohammed Menfi.

The Committee announced in a previous statement the adoption of the basic system for its work and the actual start of communication and coordination with ministries and public agencies, in addition to the completion of organizing methods of spending for the third and fourth chapters of the budget.