The Head of Government of National Unity, Abdel Hamid Dbeibah, the Head of Presidential Council, Mohamed Menfi, the Governor of Central Bank, of Libya, Al-Siddiq Al-Kabir, the Director of the Bank’s Monetary Control Department, Naji Issa, the Minister of Transportation, Mohamed Al-Shahoubi, and the Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, Adel Jumaa, met on Thursday evening at the office of the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, to follow up on government spending for 2024.

The meeting focused on discussing controls on government spending, and on amounts allocated to support fuel and all its derivatives for the General Electricity Company or distribution companies, which in amounted in 2023 to more than 40 billion dinars, exhausting the public budget.

The officials stressed the need to establish controls that contribute to controlling public spending, working to improve citizens’ conditions in all aspects of living, providing appropriate conditions for them, and focusing on the development programme in all its aspects throughout Libya.

Emphasis was also made on the need to disclose all government expenditures in the budget sections, and to follow up on the work of the committee formed to provide alternatives to fuel subsidies and determine the actual needs for it, as it is the most important file.

Al-Kabir explained that the balance of documentary credits at commercial banks for food supplies amounts to 4 billion dinars, which in turn will contribute to the provision of basic goods during the holy month of Ramadan, stressing the need for the Ministry of Economy and Trade and the Municipal Guard to carry out the tasks assigned to them in providing the necessary needs of citizens in accordance with the necessary controls.