A Paris court of the International Commerce Chamber ruled Sunday in favor of Libya in the case lodged against the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority and the Transportation Projects Authority.

The Transportation Projects Authority said on Facebook that it had won a case against Odebrecht engineering and construction company, TAV: Tepe and Akfen and Constructors Union, which wanted 562 million euros of Libyan money, but the court ordered payments of 124.3 million only.

"The Libyan State Lawsuits Administration worked with an International law firm and with the help of consultants, it had provided the necessary documents to annul the accusations in the lawsuit." The authority said.

It added that out of the 124.3 million euros ruled for payment by the court is a sum of 79.9 million that goes for work done by the companies and 15 million for bank orders.

"The total sum that should be retrieved from the contractor by the Transportation Projects Authority is 49.6 million euros." The authority indicated.

Last December, Libya won a case in a Paris court as well against the French firm Business Network which was called for a payment of 80 million dollars.