30 hours of closure of the Mellita complex pipeline in western Tripoli lost Libya about 2 million dollars, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) said Monday.

The NOC added in its statement that the technical team at the complex reopened the pipeline on Saturday and they did not know who shut it down and what for.

"It is a sign by the spoilers of security saying they are still here." The statement reads, describing the unknown gunmen who shut the pipeline.

It added that the closure led also to more power outage hours, let alone a loss of 360 m2 of gas and other substances of about 11 thousand barrels.

The NOC indicated that Al-Wafaa oilfield is obliged to have fuel instead of gas - when it is shut -  in order to operate the generators, thus adding up to the budget of fuel and even exceeding the limit of expenses leading to using up Libya's foreign currencies' reserves.

"Al-Rewais station is linked to Al-Wafaa oilfield and cannot be fed by gas from any other source, thus it could have stopped operating if it did not get fed by fuel, which is eventually costing an arm and a leg, not to mention that the station is better off using gas." The statement added.

It explained that the oilfield is located in western Libya, right next to Al-Rar oilfield in Algeria and as they are both connected to one gas and oil natural lot, there could be some reflective process happening leading to having some Libyan fuel and gas quantities crossing into the side that is continuing production (Algerian side). Hence Libya will be the damaged part.

An unknown armed group shut down last Friday the pipeline feeding Mellita complex from Al-Wafaa oilfield, leading to a number of financial and power problems, including an increase of power outage hours in Tripoli and surrounding areas.