The National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced the lifting of force majeure on the Sharara field and the resumption of production, after the Fezzan Gathering had announced the suspension of its shutdown on Sunday.

The Fezzan Gathering said their decision came after an agreement with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NOC, Farhat Bengdara. They said in a statement that the decision came after Bengdara had pledged to implement their demands with a guarantee from the command of Haftar’s forces.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity Ramadan Bujanah, confirmed the reopening of the Sharara oil field after implementing the demands of the Fezzan Gathering, stressing that most of the demands of the protesters in the Sharara field were answered by the government, including a decision to transfer the headquarters of the Akakus company to the city of Ubari in the southern region.

Fezzan Gathering closed the Sharara field - the largest field in the country - 20 days ago in protest against the deteriorating economic conditions in the region, the lack of fuel, and the government’s failure to implement its pledges, the most important of which is the establishment of an oil refinery in the south and the transfer of the main HQ of the Akakus company from Tripoli to Ubari.