The Libyan Minister of Oil and Gas Mohammed Oun confirmed in a meeting with the Dutch ambassador to Libya on Sunday that the oil and gas production rates will be increased by the end of this year on the condition that three factors are available for oil production to reach two million barrels.

Oun discussed in the meeting several matters, including the efforts to increase oil and gas production in cooperation with specialized international companies, underscoring the role of the Dutch oil and gas company, Shell, and the history of its work in the Libyan energy sector.

The Oil and Gas Ministry said on its Facebook page that Oun had assured the Dutch ambassador of the possibility of achieving the targets of increasing production in the coming years to two million barrels following needed efforts and work with high efficiency and in cooperation with international companies, adding that in the short term, production will be raised by the end of 2023.

It also said that the Dutch ambassador confirmed his country's interest in the Libyan market and that it would work to encourage Dutch companies to return. He reiterated their willingness to participate and cooperate in developing the oil field through advanced training programs, especially in the field of natural gas and renewable energies.