The National Oil Corporation (NOC) said Thursday that it is in the process of finalizing a study on extracting cooking gas from the Sharara oil field, in cooperation with the Madrid-based Repsol Company.

The process will give the ability to sell cooking gas at affordable prices to the southern community, NOC explained in a statement on Facebook.

"The reactivation of Gas Al-Shula at the Sharara field will have several advantages, including reducing waste and carbon dioxide emissions," said NOC.

Chairman of the NOC, Mustafa Sanallah emphasized that the project will have positive impacts on the environment, and more importantly, it will allow the NOC to provide cooking gas at low prices in the southern region which is experiencing deteriorating situation since the outset of the conflict.

Sanalllah explained that fuel supplies to the south have stalled due to the ongoing fighting and security unrest, stressing the need to find practical solutions that benefit both citizens and the environment.

The NOC confirmed that the scheme will take approximately 18 months to be accomplished.

It indicated that it had reached out to several technology providers to help implement the project, as modern technologies would help to separate cooking gas in an easy and cost-effective way, according to the NOC.